CHOPT (Student Culinary Competition)
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CHOPT (Student Culinary Competition)

Do you love to cook for family and friends? Have a passion for the culinary crafts? Aspire to be the "Top Chef"?

Then you are the perfect candidate to participate in our annual student culinary CHOPT event. Three lucky participants from each residence will have the opportunity to battle it out for the title of "Top Student Chef". Successful competitors will be chosen based on the most creative and most enthusiastic submissions.

To participate, please complete the Online Registration Form and in a few short sentences tell us why you should be chosen to represent your residence in the first annual CHOPT Culinary Competition. Successful candidates will be contacted.

Good luck, and may the best Student Chef win!


Saugeen-Maitland Hall
January 9, 2017
Delaware Hall
January 11, 2017
Essex Hall
January 12, 2017
Ontario Hall
January 16, 2017
Elgin Hall
January 18, 2017
Perth Hall
January 19, 2017
Sydenham Hall
January 23, 2017

Although the competition itself runs for 45 minutes (5:30 pm - 6:15 pm), with introductions, judging etc., the event will run closer to 1.75 hours.

Who can participate

  • 3 student candidates to be selected from each residence, plus the Unit Chef
  • Panel of judges


  • No cost

Selection Process

  • Candidates must complete the online application form including a few lines explaining why they feel they should represent their building
  • 3 students from each residence will be selected to compete against each other
  • All participants will need to sign off that they are okay with being videotaped/photographed.

Prize: Per residence

  • Winner: $100 on Residence Meal Plan - plus bragging rights
  • Other two participants: $50 each

Competition Regulations

  • Competitors will be given 45 minutes in which to create a main entrée recipe, prepare it and present it to the judges.
  • Competitors will each receive a black box with five ingredients which must be used in the creation of the dish. In addition, there will be a table of pantry items from which all competitors can choose additional food items for their recipes.
  • Student participants will be given one induction cooker, toaster oven and frying pan with which to cook their dish, in addition to any other necessary cooking utensils such as knives, cut gloves, cutting boards, spoons, whisks, etc.
  • The Unit Chef from each residence will oversee the competition (ie. safety).
  • Competitors' dishes will be reviewed by our panel of judges, as well as by their peers for the People's Choice Award. Competitors will be judged on over-all taste and appearance, as well as creative use of the black box ingredients.
  • People's Choice Award: Students will vote on which of the 3 entrée dishes they would like to have featured by Rez Dining.