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Your residence dining experience will encompass many additional features other than regular meal service. Our team can also help you to acknowledge your roommate's birthday with a special birthday care package; or meet your group's catering needs right in your own residence; and of course, with the many tools available to you on our Nutrition Information Services site, who knew healthy eating could be so easy!


Choose2Reuse Reusable Take-out Container Program

NOTICE: Temporarily Suspended Due to COVID-19

As part of the Rez Dining commitment to reduce our environmental footprint, we are excited to offer the Choose2Reuse reusable take-out container program.

Get started by purchasing your card for $5.00, then exchange your card for your container and your container for your card!

Here's how it works:

  1. Order your food 'to-go' in a C2R container, or select a C2R travel mug for your beverage
  2. Pay a $5.00 program fee which is one-time and non-refundable, or present your existing C2R card to the cashier
  3. Enjoy your meal!
  4. Return the dirty container to the designated drop-off area (near the cash) and collect your C2R card from the cashier in the dining hall
  5. All containers are washed and sanitized. For Health & Safety reasons, food must always be placed in a clean C2R reusable container.
  6. Next time, order your meal 'to-go' in a C2R container, or select a C2R travel mug for your beverage, and simply present your C2R card to the cashier
  7. And so goes the cycle... container for card, card for container, etc.

Thank you for considering our environment & making a positive CHANGE!

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